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Jamia Nurul Uloom Educational & Charitable Trust,(R). Bengaluru, INDIA

Respected Millat Brotheren, Assalamo Alaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barkatahu. On 14 September 2012 JAMIA NURUL ULOOM EDUCATION AND CHARITABLE TRUST A charitable organization was established bearing Regn No.BK IV 121/12-13 IV 236/2014-15 at Bangalore city for functioning with in India. Audited at serval occasions since its inspection. The tract record of this charitable Trust is in excellent good health with many resident and nonresident Student and number of classes running daily regularly with free admission lodging and boarding. In the last quarter of year 2015 the trust has been granted approval for exemtion of income tax for donations under section 80 G (2) (9) (IV) of the income tax Act 1961. Further on 22-06-2018 our trust Jamia Nurul Uloom Eduational Cahritable Trust Nagwara, Bangalore has been granted registration under section II(1) of the Act by the Government of india Ministry of Home Affairs Foreigners Division (FCRA Wing) New Delhi.

A sub functionary organization of JAMIA NURUL ULOOM EDUCATIONAL & CHARITABLE TRUST is Jamia Nurul Uloom which aimed to aclrieve the objective as a pioneer in the field of educational institution in India basically for down trodden, poor, destitute and orphan children irrespective of religion , region, cast and creed. Imparting classical state of art modern education in Deeniyat (all Subjects) Maths, Science, Social Studies, Environmental Science, History, Civics, Geography, General Knowledge, Computer etc. in several Indian languages like Hindi, Kannada, English, Urdu, Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, Bengali etc. The institute will stress and provide adult education for uneducated youth. Special emphasis is given to educated disabled children. Apart from academic study we impart and inculcate proffencies in sports & games, Art of living in harmony with surrounding and nature. Living in harmony with fellow country men. Living in harmony with other countries and being proud as Indian and its citizen. We have special plans for keeping surrounding clean, neat and tidy. We have extensive social working plan to fulfill social obligations. Like we provide FREE FOOD, FREE CLOTH, FREE SHELTER, FREE WATER SUPPLY, FREE MEDICINE, FREE BLOOD Donation etc. Harmony , Unity, Charity, Social Work, and Education to all, Our motto is Free Admission, Free Education, Free Boarding, Free Lodging to needy students such that all of them become successful in their carrier venture and bring fame, glory and pride to our country India and the whole world.

An Earnest Appeal

Jamia Nurul Uloom Alhamdulillah at this juncture has many children from within karnataka and other state, getting Free Admission, Free Education, Free Lodging and Free Boarding, For this noble cause day in and day out lot of monetary expenditure is incurved. This is solely supported by donations and funds by people like you /yours. for this noble cause we earnestly appeal to you to come for ward and contribute generously.
For your noble gesture rendered, we humbly pray to Allah the Almight to accept your good deeds and reward your family, with success in life and hereafter and the day of judgment Thank you Jazakallh Khaira

Chairman and all Trustees Jamia Nurul Uloom Educational & Charitable Trust Bangalore

We help thousands of children,
arrange Free food & Give Education for them

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